Kalaha is a board game in the Mancala family. Mancala games play a role in many African and some Asian societies comparable to that of Chess in the West.
The word Mancala comes from the Arabic word naqala meaning literally “to move.” There is no one game with the name Mancala; instead Mancala is a type, or designation of game. This word is used in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, but is not consistently applied to any one game. In the United States, however, “Mancala” is often used as a synonym for the game Kalaha.
The game requires a Kalaha board and 84 seeds or counters. The board has six small pits, called houses, on each side; and a large pit, called Kalaha or store, at each end.

Each board is made of 11-ply premium ¾” (1.895 cm) thick Birch plywood for long-term durability. Since wood is a natural product, each board has a unique grain making it one-of-a-kind. The boards are sold as either unstained or stained. The stained boards are satin clear-coated for maximum protection and easy cleaning. Each game comes with 90 natural colored wooden seeds or counters as well as detailed rules and how-to-play instructions booklet.

Always keep seeds or counters away from small children as they may pose a choking hazard.


Dimensions: 23.375″ X 15.375″, 59.4cm X 39.1 cm
Average Weight: 6.14 lbs, 2.78kgs
Board Stain Color: Light Walnut

Made in USA