Morabaraba is a family of strategic board games that includes six, nine, and 12 Men Morris, respectively. Morabaraba is considered to be the parent of tic-tac-toe.
One of the interesting aspects of Morabaraba’s game board is the fact that all 3 games can be played on it. In Six Men Morris, Nine Men Morris, and 12 Men Morris, two players have six, nine, and 12 men each, respectively, and enter them alternately one at a time, on any vacant point. Each time a player forms a row or MILL of three men either by placing or movement along a line he/she removes one of his/her opponent’s men from the board, but not one, which is in a mill. A player blocking all his/her opponent’s men so that they cannot move, or reducing him/her to two pieces, wins the game.

Each board is made of 11-ply premium ¾” (1.895 cm) thick Birch plywood for long-term durability. Since wood is a natural product, each board has a unique grain making it one-of-a-kind. The boards are sold as either unstained or stained. The stained boards are satin clear-coated for maximum protection and easy cleaning. Each game comes with two sets of distinctly colored game pieces as well as detailed rules and how-to-play instructions booklet. The colors of game pieces are subject to availability.


Dimensions: 23.375″ X 23.375″, 59.4 cm X 59.4 cm
Average Weight: 7.05lbs, 3.19kgs
Board Stain Color: Dark Walnut

Made in USA